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Certified Life Coach Listener

My name is Brittany Nidds, and I’m a Certified Life Coach Listener on the Belay app. The world’s largest listening platform. I offer a safe and confidental place for you to be heard and listened to without judgement.

Discover the power of being listened in a place where your words and your feelings are validated. I’m here to offer you a listening ear and heart that shows compassion for what you are going through about anything in your life.

Don’t suffer alone. Let’s navigate your journey together, where every conversation is a step towards clarity and peace. Because when you’re heard, you find your way.

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Purple Gradient

Next Steps

  • Are you tired feeling lonely, depressed, unheard in life?
  • Have relationship issues?
  • Work situations?
  • Just needing a friend/listener to hear you out?

Normally the cost of counseling, and Life Coaching sessions costs thousand of dollars per month, however with Belay you can begin with as little as $15.00. Plus you have the opportunity to explore our courses and so much more at the touch of your figure tip.

Now is the time to get the help and support that you’re needing and deserve today!

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Purple Gradient



Thank you for your kindness today! It was helpful speaking with you. I appreicate you holding the space for me.


Brittany gave me the breathing space after finally saying what I had to say out loud to process my thoughts and get get passed what was keeping me held back.


Thank you so much for your advice and feedback. Your words and affirmations were powerful and timely.


Thank you for listening and above all offering calm, caring support.


Thank you for helping me through my anxiety and depression. You’re one of a kind.


Very Sweet and caring

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